About - County Accountants

Our Dedicated Team

You will find our dedicated team here to support your needs, whether it is book-keeping or complicated tax returns leaving you in peace of mind and able to spend more time on development and core business activities. We can also advise on appropriate accounting software by determining your specific requirements and basing on the nature of your business. We also assist in training our clients and their staff for maintaining their records and accounting systems, reflecting the current position.

Why you Choose us?

We believe that no two businesses are alike. We work closely with you to understand your business. This allows us to identify potential problems and spot opportunities which helps us to advise you on profit maximisation and growth strategies. Indeed there are many other accountants out there so why should you choose us. Well here are some of the reasons why we believe you should choose us:

  • Tailored services at fair prices - No two clients are the same. Nor do they have the same needs. this is why it is our policy to first understand your business and its need and then specifically tailor our fees to meet your business needs. It is also our policy to quote a fixed fee on an annual basis

  • Excellent client care - No client, however big or small, gets anything other than our exceptional levels of customer care and individual attention from one of our partners.
  • Expertise - We have experts on hand in a whole range of accounting, tax and general business fields. We can almost always find ways to improve the way your personal and business affairs are managed and in the unlikely event that we can't, we'll guarantee to help you find someone who can.
  • Proactive advise - We proactively inform you of any changes to the law that may have some bearing on your financial standing. If we notice something while working for you that we believe can improve things for you, we won't wait till we are asked.